I’ve been living in Idaho for fourteen years now, and in the last year I feel as though I am finally seeing the opportunity here. I’ve been obsessed with the natural beauty, at peace in so many ways, but now wonderful people are coming into my life when I need it. Thank you destiny for hanging tough with me. Sorry, I’ve been bucking you for so long, unsure if I was truly right, and without the faith in myself.

I’m going to follow my heart, face my fears, and help people. The decision has been made, and now people are coming into my life with answers to subside my fear. I haven’t even begun to look, and they are, unbeknownst to them, jumping in front of me.

Perhaps all I needed to do was give in, and all my dreams would’ve been presented to me. Here’s the thing, teach this and the world WILL become a better place, find something that not only makes you happy but also betters the world.

I’ve struggled with the question about the mass shootings, gun violence, gun control, safety of citizens, and I’ve tried to find the answer without making the argument a religious one. Everyone have one hour of mandatory community service a week? Stand up an sing Amazing Grace everyday? Perhaps teaching everyone to love and respect each other should be paramount!

I know it’s a strange blog and segue, or is it?


Please, I beg of you, READ this an put it inside your brain. Repeat it over and over until it is so charred that you will NEVER forget it!

When it comes to your health, repeat..

“I will stand up for MYSELF and ALWAYS be my own advocate!!!!”

Fire your doctors, get second opinions, listen to people who have lived through it, and NEVER wait! When the doctor told me I had suspicious cells and we’ll check it in a month..FXCKING FIRED. New doctor, let’s get you into surgery and biopsy IMMEDIATELY! That saved my jaw bone and god knows what else.

If you have a problem, SCREAM until you are blue in the face! I did, and I got results that saved my life!

DO NOT EVER sit back, scared, and take bullshit EVER!!! Your fear can cost you your LIFE! You wait, and the damage can lead to hideous quality of life you may BEG for death!


I’m adding a bikini pic so HOPEFULLY more people will read it!

All inclusive

Huge believer, just to be clear. If you can get it, take it! My first cruise to Mexico, the bar tab was one thousand dollars for 7 days. WOW!! For the trip I am on now, 6 days in Cancun, $100 extra for the all inclusive package. SOLD!! Anytime and everytime you don’t have to ask twice, but that’s not what I was thinking about.

Do you really want all inclusive relationships? I would hope that if all my friends and acquaintances were in the same room they would get along. At least be adults in their variety! I’m lacking very few of today’s labels, but I can guarantee my friend’s friends are not! I just haven’t personally been introduced.

The people I know are so vastly different it sometimes amazes me. When I’m with one person or a group I have to stop and think, “Will this person get along and vice versa?” Whereas some people only hang out with like minded people.

Needless to say, when it comes to people, I don’t want the package. I’m happy with the diversity!

Different times

For the most part I have traveled with a certain reason in mind. This year my reasons have changed.

I used to go somewhere for family, friends, jobs, events and fishing… repeat. Now I just want to have fun, relax, meet new people, and don’t care if I fish, see people I know, make money, or fish. It’s astonishing to people that I go somewhere and do something different. I’ve been doing it for years, people just didn’t understand it. I’ve been coming to the Caribbean for two decades. Just because I did it for modeling jobs, fishing, whatever, didn’t mean I was going to stop coming here. On the contrary, now I want to be here more often! I can just relax and enjoy it, maybe find a spot to retire in, but for sure going to come when I can!

See you again soon! With or without a fishing pole, I can still enjoy life!


I just got back from Cancun, well almost, I’m on my final leg of the journey. I have been a non smoker for over a year now. I’ve been to Lorteo, Belize, San Diego twice, and now Cancun. I noticed people who smoke, because I loved it and still want one. I see everyone in my limited field of vision who puffs. I doubt if I ever will stop THIS stupid habit. It’s liking buying a car. As soon as you get a new car you instantly start seeing it EVERYWHERE! I still love the smell too, so I’m not one of those douche bags who turns up my nose, coughs uncontrollably, or dramatically complains about your smoke! I do notice, however, how few left there are. I know it’s a fabulous thing. They’re dangerous. Everywhere I go though, except fishing, the habit seems to be disappearing. When I was fishing in Riggins, everyone on my boat smoked.

The sales decline must be staggering in the tabacco industry. I’d look but I’m in flight with no wifi. To those of you that quit, WELL DONE! Without cancer I probably never would have succeeded!!! To those who still smoke, thank you for a brief whiff of my past! Italy will be interesting.


I thought I was losing my edge, not successfully multitasking, but then i thought, no, you just put too much on your plate. Who me? NEVER hehe.

Going to my doctor’s appointments, visiting my friend in the hospital, getting ready for Mexico, cleaning the house after tile, Sportsman show, visiting inlaws, bringing them food, learning a new profession, starting a company, taking care of my other company, working, cooking, but I didn’t write. Sorry.

I am.

Could have used a nice reflective time to quiet the noise, and focus.

I missed a few things, but I think they will be here, ready to accomplish when I return.

People constantly tell me I’m a liar when I tell them about myself. No one believes that I have done all of the things I have. Why should they? Why do I care?

There it is!

I slowed down when I moved to Idaho. No doubt! A friend made a joke, gave me a jibe last year when I was sick taking about disability. “It’s not like you ever work anyway. Go ahead and collect my taxes.” Something to that effect. Mind you, I was just out of brain surgery, and still in terrible pain from radiation treatment.

“To the moon Alice,” I wanted to throttle him.

Point is, I always try to do too much at one time, and I’m sorry I didn’t stop to write anything to you!

I’ll write you from Cancun on a fabulous vacation with NO stress!

No hecklers or felons on this RELAXING vacation!

Already my girlfriend has said, “Um…we’re going to paradise.”

Yes we are!


Someone asked me recently what happened to one of my friendships , and it made me think about power. The struggles we have giving, getting, releasing and retrieving it to maintain a valuable relationship.

What are you willing to give up of yourself to get what you need? What amount of abuse are you willing to suffer to hang on? So many keep the peace so long that they lose the will to stand up for what is right. If you let too many things go, even when you know it’s wrong, your defeatist attitude will become you. You will be defeated. Let that stew passivist. If you finally stand up for what is right, you will still be wrong. Go ahead and fight ’till you’re blue in the face, but you will still be WRONG. You let it slide.

I know I did, and I am ultimately wrong. I should have taken a firm stand from the beginning and stood up for myself, but I let out so much line it snapped. I allowed myself to be hurt to keep the peace, because I didn’t want to fight. WTF? I didn’t want to stand up for myself? Who the hell else should you stand up for? The humpback whales? This is your one way ticket; my one way ticket! However much time I have left on the clock will not be spent on someone else’s clock! No matter what it costs!

From now on, I am going to be better holding my power close. Give out very little, because no one needs it but me!

I saw this first thing after writing this piece. Perfect!! Thanks Mary!

Replace woman with person…